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Rambler in Spanaway, Lowest Price of the Year


The Green Side of Regent Homes

Going green seems to be everywhere you look lately, and here at Regent Homes we do our best to build homes that are both affordable and energy efficient. Our homes are our biggest users of energy, so minimizing the amount of energy needed in the home is a great way to help the environment. We build our houses using sustainable and recycled materials where ever they are feasible, and the quality of our construction makes for a tightly sealed home which provides a continuous air barrier. Maintaining a continuous air barrier, free of gaps around doors and windows, helps to keep warm out our in summer and cold air out in winter. In addition, all our homes are built with efficient gas furnaces and programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats are fantastic for controlling heating costs, by providing an easy way to turn down the heat during times when no one is home and while you are sleeping. It’s far easier to set the thermostat once than have to remember to go from room to room every day adjusting wall heating sources. Our homes also use low-e windows where ever possible. Low-e, or low emissivity, windows have a special coating which lowers the amount of heat (infrared radiation) that passes between the panes of a window. This coating allows visible light to pass through the window but stops much more of the heat from passing through than in a non-coated window. By integrating all of these technologies into our homes, we are able to construct homes that save both money and energy to help keep a little more green in your wallet and our world.

Value – Highest Quality Construction Standards

Regent Homes ValueWe use our home-building knowledge, experience, reputation and purchasing power to deliver the very best materials and craftsmanship. We use safe, durable and dependable products and materials in ever home we build. We team up with craftsmen and contractors whose skills, integrity and workmanship ensures your new home is built to the highest construction standard.


Regent Homes ValueFor us, Value means delivering the very best home for the lowest price. We build homes that families can afford. The majority of our homes are at or under the median home price in our area. We keep our prices low without cutting corners. How can we do this? It’s simple. Our advantage is knowledge, experience, and integrity. “You’ll always get our best possible price.”