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New Kitchen Design for Rainier Vista

We just completed our newest home at Rainier Vista, the Cirino on Lot 49. It’s an 1815 SF 2-story with 3 bedrooms (including an awesome master suite) and 2 1/2 bath. The downstairs powder room also got a bit of a revamp with the floating lav and granite tile. This house is decked out! 

Our designer did a great job furnishing the home to showcase how functional and well-designed this house really is. Check out this cool video tour.



Furnished models at Foxbury

Check out the photo album of our two newest home models in Foxbury on our facebook page. Our quality features shine and it’s really helpful to see the homes furnished. Sometimes it’s hard visual how to use the space when it’s empty or from a flat piece of paper. Lois, our designer, did a fabulous job showcasing some options for using the spaces and also how flexible these two home designs are.

One of my favorite features of the Gilmore is the ginormous Master Suite. It takes up the whole front of the house upstairs! What a great space. I also really like the flow between the Dining Room, the Butler’s Pantry, and Kitchen; very functional and very attractive.

With the Langley, everyone raves about the downstairs master bedroom, a rare feature, and one that works very well in this home design.

Come see them in person, give Christine our agent a call at 425-466-9671.


Photo Album – Kitchens

Check out our Facebook Page to see a cool photo album with some of our kitchen designs.

Garbage Disposals

Recently, the National Association of Home Builders created the National Green Building Standard which provides a point scale for rating green building in new homes. Garbage disposals installed in sinks count for one point in this new rating system. Here at Regent Homes, garbage disposals are standard features in all our homes, for convenience and for the green benefits.

How is a garbage disposal green? Opinions vary about the virtues of garbage disposals, but here in the Pacific Northwest they make sense for several reasons. While the greenest option for dealing with food waste is composting, not all of us have the room for a compost pile or bin in our yards, and our cool climate makes the decomposition process move more slowly. If composting is not an option, then the choice is between putting food waste in the trash or in garbage disposal, and at least in our area the disposal is the way to go.

Food waste put in the trash will have to be hauled away by garbage truck to the dump, where food put down the disposal will be carried by the sewer water to the water treatment facility and the disposal itself only uses a very small amount of electricity. Once at the water treatment facility, the food waste will be treated, and almost all of the local water treatment facilities convert the solids into fertilizer. Most facilities here also capture the gas released by the process and use it for power, which keeps that methane from escaping into the atmosphere.

Keeping your disposal in good working order is also important, to extend the life of the appliance before it needs to be replaced. Blades can be kept sharp by putting a few ice cubes down the disposal. To keep the disposal clean, run hot soapy water through the disposal every day. Additionally, most disposals are not built to handle animal bones, these should be put in the trash. It’s also important not to put grease or fats in a disposal, as they can solidify and cause clogs within your home’s plumbing or the sewer system.